Speech Development: A Toolkit for Early Childhood Educators

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This toolkit provides general strategies and fun activities to encourage the development of specific speech sounds and includes teaching tips for specific speech sounds and on how to work with Parents and Speech Pathologists

All activities suitable for whole class, small group and individual settings

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This Toolkit has been developed to provide Parents and Early Childhood Educators with fun ideas and simple activities to assist all children develop clear speech. The Toolkit is a supplement to Identifying Speech and Language Difficulties: A Practical Guide for Early Childhood Educators.

The role of the Early Childhood Educator, Parent and Speech Pathologist is clearly outlined and a model for building effective partnerships is proposed to nurture the development of clear speech for all children.

The practical guide aligns closely with the Australian Early Years Learning Framework and supports Early Childhood Educators to develop quality early childhood programmes.

Ready Readers is an essential part of any Early Childhood Educator’s reference library because it:

  • Enables Early Childhood Educators to provide all children with the opportunity to interact and learn
  • Assists Early Childhood Educators to work with children who have speech sound disorders in partnership with Parents and Speech Pathologists
  • Explains Speech Sound Disorders in simple language and provides easy to use activities that encourage the development of specific speech sounds
  • Includes a wealth of strategies and activities that can be easily incorporated into everyday activities
  • Includes activities that can be adapted for individual, small group or whole class application
  • Reflects current research in speech development and disorders

Information is clearly presented and covers the following topics:

  • General Strategies for Encouraging Speech Sound Development
  • The Use of Nursery Rhymes, Songs and Chants to encourage speech sounds
  • ‘Mr Mouth’ games to nurture speech development
  • Tips for Working with Children who have difficulty in developing clear speech
  • Tips for Working with Speech Pathologists
  • Strategies to stimulate the development of new speech sounds
  • Activities and Games for specific speech sounds
  • Helping children use sounds at the ends of words
  • Helping children say long words clearly
  • Helping children use sounds in consonant blends

Publication Details

Publisher: Learn2Communicate
Format: Paperback 60 pages
Published: February 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9871766-1-5


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