Ready Readers: A phonological awareness programme for 4-6 year olds

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This resource develops strong phonological awareness in young children to ensure reading readiness when starting school.  It includes a weekly play-based programme for use in early childhood settings across a full school term.  All the programme supporting materials and fun worksheets are provided on a supplementary disc, including an easy to use Ready Readers Screening tool as well as weekly parent newsletters

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Ready Readers provides Early Childhood Educators with a toolbox of ideas and activities to use with children in the year prior to and throughout the first Term of formal schooling.

Multisensory, play based activities are presented in lesson plans which are easily incorporated into homes, small group interventions and early childhood settings. All activities focus on developing the key phonological awareness skills that relate to early literacy development and ensure that all children become ready to read.

The programme was developed collaboratively by Karen Trengove (Speech Pathologist) alongside Early Childhood Educators and has been piloted successfully in NSW early childhood centres and Kindergartens

Ready Readers is an essential part of any Early Childhood Educator’s reference library because it:

  • Provides Educators with a clear understanding of what Reading Readiness is and the skills children require prior to learning how to read, spell and write
  • Provides Educators with a simple definition of phonological awareness and its development throughout a child’s early years
  • Is extremely user friendly for Educators and provides week by week lesson plans that are easily incorporated into early childhood settings and classrooms
  • Includes all lesson worksheets and materials on a supplementary disc that can be printed and used by children over and over again for hours of fun
  • Actively involves parents in the process of developing Reading Readiness with the use of weekly parent newsletters
  • Provides an easy to use screening tool for educators to use pre- and post- the Ready Readers programme and to assist in parent discussions and future programming

Information is clearly presented and covers the following topics:

  • Reading Readiness
  • The Development of Phonological Awareness
  • Mr Mouth – Tuning into sounds our mouth makes
  • Robot Talk – Learning about syllables in words
  • Sounds in Words – Listening to sounds in words
  • Sound-Letter Links – Awareness of the links between sounds and letters
  • The 8 Week Ready Readers Programme
  • Parent Newsletters
  • Ready Readers Screening Tool
  • Recommended Resources for Reading Readiness

Publication Details

Author: Karen Trengove
Publisher: Learn2Communicate
Format: Paperback 52 pages and supplementary disc
Published: April 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9871766-2-2


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