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Designed to equip Early Childhood Educators and Parents with the practical knowledge and tools needed to not only accurately identify children with communication difficulties but to also nurture the development of strong communication skills in all children.

Whether it be speech sounds, early literacy, language development or social communication skills; a Learn2Communicate book, game, programme or tip sheet can help!
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Caroline Bowen

This is terrific website by Australia Speech Pathologist Caroline Bowen (Speech Pathologist). Caroline very generously draws upon her wealth of clinical experience with children to provide information for Parents, Educators and Speech Pathologists on a range of topics.


ICAN is a charity supporting children with speech and language difficulties based in the UK. This website provides Parents and Educators with interesting research papers and evidence as well as suggested activities to nurture children’s communication.

Speech Pathology Australia

Speech Pathology Australia is the peak body for Speech Pathologists in Australia. This website has several fact sheets and a useful ‘Find a Speech Pathologist’ guide for use by the general public.

Talking Point

This is another UK based website which brands itself as ‘the first stop for information on children’s communication’. The website has checklists for the development of speech, language and communication. There is also a handy progress checker for use with children from as young as 6 months old. Many free downloadable tip sheets are also available via this website.

Bilingual Communication Development

A great information sheet for Educators regarding supporting bilingual children in early childhood..


This website has information on childhood apraxia of speech for parents and professionals.

Preschool Stuttering

This is a useful link by The Australian Stuttering Research Centre providing information regarding preschool stuttering; specifically The Lidcombe Programme. This programme is offered by our Learn2Communicate speech pathologists.