Workshops and Courses

Learn2Communicate provides a range of practical workshops and courses for Educators and Carers.   Each course aims to equip Educators and Carers with vital knowledge, skills and capacity to work alongside Speech Pathologists in order to nurture child speech, language and communication skills.

All training is  delivered by a Karen Trengove; the Director of Learn2Communicate and a  Speech Pathologist with over 25 years of paediatric speech pathology experience. Karen is passionate about helping educators and carers support children the children they work and/or live with to develop speech, language and communication skills. She has presented widely at state and national conferences, is also the author of the Learn2Communicate resource range and is now providing face to face as well as online training opportunities for Educators and Carers.

Workshops and Courses are each designed to equip you with practical knowledge and tools needed to accurately identify children with communication difficulties and to nurture the development of strong oral and written communication skills in all children.

Workshop topics may include

Identifying and Supporting Young Children with Speech and Language Difficulties

A full day face to face workshop for Early Childhood Educators covering how to accurately identify children with difficulties from as young as 2 years of age and specific strategies to nurture the communication skills of all children 0-6 years.  This is our Learn2Communicate signature course and will soon be available as a comprehensive online course for Educators to complete as a team across one school Term.

Speech/Reading/Spelling K-2

A workshop for educators of students in Early Stage One and Stage One covering the link between speech, reading and spelling. Learn how to apply the ‘Big 5’ evidence based principles to develop foundational speech and early literacy skills in all students from Kindergarten.  Karen provides Educators with strategies to effectively implement a phonics approach to early literacy instruction including the use of Cued Articulation and Phonological Awareness Activities.  This workshop aligns perfectly with any synthetic, systematic phonics programmes that might already be in place at your school and will super-charge the effectiveness of these.

Late Talkers – A course for parents

This soon to be available online course will specifically designed to assist parents and carers of children who are late to talk.  We will work through how to support your child’s early developmental precursors to speech and language using everyday routines and play.  Parents will then be supported with weekly videos, emails and worksheets to support the speech, language and communication skills of their late talking toddlers.  Watch this space!

Receptive and Expressive Language Difficulties in the Classroom

This workshop covers how to create a language friendly classroom for students who have Developmental Language Disorders.  We take a deep dive into what this diagnosis means, the functional impact of language difficulties across all key learning areas and specific strategies, activities and curriculum adjustments to ensure that all children learn.

Workshop format

Learn2Communicate workshops are offered at various locations across Australia. We are now also offering our workshops as webinars in order to reach as many Educators and Carers as possible.   In 2023, Karen will be launching our signature ‘Identifying Speech and Language Difficulties’ Course for Early Childhood Educators as an online course.  Watch this space!

Workshops and courses are suitable for educators of preschool, infants, primary and high school aged students, learning support staff and teacher aides. We tailor the training and content to your specific needs and provide you with practical tips and strategies that you can apply immediately to achieve fantastic results with the children in your care.  We are also in the process of developing online courses for parents and carers so that they can also work through course materials at their own pace in their own homes.

Contact us to discuss the possibility of arranging a Learn2Communicate professional learning opportunity  in your Early Childhood Centre or school.  Face to Face or Live Webinars can be arranged for staff meetings, evenings or full day events.  Be sure to keep an eye on our social media for announcements about our Online Course offerings to be announced in 2023!

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Please contact Karen Trengove at Learn2Communciate to discuss your staff training and development needs:, calling 0458 413 051 or using the contact form.

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