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Learn2Communicate was created by Karen Trengove (Director/Speech Pathologist) in 2012.

Our Mission

The mission of Learn2Communicate is to ensure that all children receive the support they need to become effective communicators.

The vision of Learn2Communicate is that we live in a world where every child is given the opportunity to develop effective communication skills, and a world where no child who struggles to communicate is missed out or left behind.

This requires a positive relationship to be formed between Educators, Parents and Speech Pathologists.

We work alongside parents and educators to ensure that children and students of all ages enjoy therapy, make great progress and ultimately become effective communicators. A collaborative approach between parents, therapists and educators is essential if children are to succeed. We help children with all aspects of oral and written communication including those with disabilities and those who wish to improve their reading and spelling abilities. Our services are of the highest quality and reflect current best practice. Our clinicians each have several years of experience and are regularly engaged in ongoing professional development to ensure that the services we provide yield positive results for our clients.

In addition to our speech pathology services, Learn2Communicate offers a wide range of professional development opportunities for parents and educators to build capacity, knowledge and skills in supporting children with communication disorders. Our growing range of books and games has been developed to support parents and educators in their endeavours to see children who struggle with communication become effective communicators.

Learn2Communicate’s range of services, resources and workshops for parents and educators ensure that no child is left behind and that all children are given the opportunity to develop effective speech, language and communication skills.

Educators are often the first port of call for a Parent with concerns regarding a child’s speech and language development. Educators must be provided with knowledge and skills regarding speech and language development if they are to provide accurate answers to parent’s questions and support the development of all children and students in their care. Parents must also have easy access to accurate information about child speech, language and communication skills if they are to lovingly nurture these skills in their own children; particularly those children with communication disorders.

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Our Ethos

Educators are uniquely positioned to identify any children at risk of communication disorders and to nurture the communication skill development of young children.

The close bonds and trust so often formed between Educators and families means that Educators are frequently the first port of call for parents who have concerns regarding their child’s development.

Learn2Communicate range of books, resources and workshops has been designed following extensive consultations, surveys and interviews with Australian Early Childhood Educators. Each product has been carefully developed by Karen Trengove to inspire and provide Early Childhood Educators and Parents with what they want: practical, easy to use tools that will nurture the speech and language development of all children.

The board games and card sets have been developed to support the development of early reading and spelling skills within a systematic, synthetic phonics framework. These games work perfectly well alongside existing school programmes who follow an evidence based phonics approach to early literacy education.

Learn2Communicate resources and games have proved popular in a range of settings as well as homes for those parents who wish to provide their children with additional support.