Learn2Communicate works in partnership with Parents and Educators to nurture the speech, language and communication skills of all children.

We do this by delivering outstanding speech pathology services, providing a range of learning opportunities for parents and educators, and developing resources to improve the lives of children with communication disorders.

We work alongside  Parents and Educators to ensure that children and students of all ages enjoy therapy, make great progress and ultimately become effective communicators. A collaborative approach between parents, therapists and educators is essential if children are to succeed.  We help children with all aspects of oral and written communication including those with disabilities and those who wish to improve their reading and spelling abilities.  Our services are of the highest quality and reflect current best practice.  Our clinicians each have several years of experience and are regularly engaged in ongoing professional development to ensure that the services we provide yield positive results for our clients.

In addition to our speech pathology services, Learn2Communicate offers a wide range of professional development opportunities for Parents and Educators to build capacity, knowledge and skills in supporting children with communication disorders.  Our growing range of books and games has been developed to support Parents and Educators in their endeavour to see children who struggle with communication ultimately become effective communicators.

Learn2Communicate’s range of services, resources and workshops for Parents and Educators ensure that no child is left behind and that all children are given the opportunity to develop optimal speech, language and communication skills. The ability to communicate effectively is the most important skill we will develop in a life time.

We are registered providers for the NDIS and offer services within our clinics, at preschools and schools.  Telehealth services using Zoom are also now available at Learn2Communicate.  Although based in the Central West; we can provide you with a service if you are located anywhere in the world!

Karen Trengove (Founder and Director of Learn2Communicate) has over 25 years of speech pathology experience.  After many years of working in the public health system, she became increasingly frustrated and overwhelmed with ever growing waiting lists, limiting models of service delivery and insufficient funding models for children with communication disorders.  Karen eventually ‘took the plunge’ and left the relatively comfortable world of full time employment to launch Learn2Communicate in 2012.  Karen is determined to never stop learning and to create a speech pathology centre of excellence within the Central West of NSW.  She and her colleagues work alongside Parents and Educators in partnership to significantly improve the lives of as many children who struggle with speech, language and communication as possible.



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When is the right time to refer my child for speech pathology?

It is always the right time. If you have concerns regarding any aspect of your child’s communication skills, a Learn2Communicate speech pathologist can help. We work with children of all ages and can help with a broad range of communication skills including: speech sounds, stuttering, language and listening, reading, spelling and social skills. It is never too early or too late to seek help for your child.


Learn2Communicate Speech Pathology has been well established and highly regarded across the Central West of NSW since 2012. Our speech pathologists are committed and determined each and every day to making a meaningful and significant contribution to the lives of children and families in our care.  Our services are of the highest quality and are provided in a nurturing, fun and caring manner.  Services are provided in Orange and Cowra NSW as well as via Telehealth using Skype and screen sharing technology.

Karen Trengove (Principal Speech Pathologist) has also published several resource texts for educators and regularly travels throughout Australia delivering workshops for parents and educators.


The ability to communicate effectively is the most important skill we will develop in a life time. Communication enables our true participation in society and is what connects us to others. Sadly up to 20% of children start school with difficulties in speech and/or language with many of these children then struggling to develop peer relationships, literacy and learning.

Parents of these children are often concerned but don’t know where or who to go to for help. A child’s Educator is often the first port of call for such parents. It is of vital importance that Educators have the knowledge, tools and skills at their fingertips to provide Parents with accurate information and advice regarding speech and language. Early Intervention is crucial.

Learn2Communicate has developed a range of user friendly, practical resources that educators can use to assist in identifying, referring and nurturing the communication skills of children in their care. Karen Trengove (Principle Speech Pathologist) provides regular workshops around Australia for educators that accompany these resources.  Each workshop aims to build capacity within educators to work successfully with children who have speech, language and learning challenges.


Ready Readers: A phonological awareness programme
Identifying Speech & Language Difficulties
Speech Development Toolkit for Early Childhood Educators
Free Tip Sheet

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Our speech pathologists pride themselves on providing high quality, evidenced based services for children and families


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B.Health.Sc. Speech Pathology

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Learn2Communicate welcomes enquiries from speech pathologists keen join our specialist team


Learn2Communicate Speech Pathology was established in Central West NSW in 2012.


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The ability to communicate is the most important skill we will develop in our lifetime.

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