National Disability Insurance Scheme


Learn2Communicate is NDIS Registered to provide Speech Pathology Therapeutic Supports to individuals over the age of 7 years. We can also provide services for children and adults of all ages whose NDIS plans are either Plan or Self Managed.

We look forward to working closely with you over the coming weeks and months to develop a programme of activities and schedule of supports that will assist your child to participate in his/her community with greater success and independence.

1. Assessment

Your child’s first appointments will involve an assessment of communication strengths, challenges and areas of need. This involves the administration of a series of small tests as well as observations conducted during play and informal interactions. This may take place at one of our clinic locations in Cowra or Orange, at your home or in another of your child’s natural environments e.g. preschool. We will also gather thorough case history with your help in order for us to learn more about the challenges contributing to your child’s communication difficulties. You will need to provide a copy of your child’s NDIS plan or plan details for sighting at the first appointment so that we can develop an understanding of your child’s NDIS goals, confirm that your child has funding allocated to CB Daily Activities Support Category for therapeutic supports and commence the development of a Service Agreement.

2. Goal Setting

Following your child’s assessment, you will be provided with an appointment to discuss the assessment findings. This appointment will also involve a discussion regarding setting short term and long term speech, language and communication skill objectives and desired outcomes from therapy. These goals will be selected very carefully in consultation with you to ensure that your child makes steady progress towards achieving his or her NDIS goals. A Service Agreement and Schedule of Supports will be developed at this stage and signed by both your therapist (Provider) and your child’s NDIS Participant Representative (parent or guardian)

3. Speech Pathology Support /Intervention

Subsequent appointments will involve the provision of speech pathology supports for your child to ensure that outcomes are achieved. You will be provided with activities to complete in between appointments to help your child make good progress. Home practice is vital for your child to make progress in therapy. You will be given assistance from your child’s therapist to make home practice work for you and your child.

4. Review

Your child’s progress will be regularly reviewed against goals and objectives set to ensure that regular progress is made. Results will be communicated clearly with you and opportunity is provided for you to discuss changing the focus of your child’s intervention at any stage. A review report is provided for your annual NDIS meeting by your child’s speech pathologist. You are encouraged to please discuss any concerns or questions that you have about your child’s assessment and intervention at any time. This can be done during your child’s appointment with your child’s treating speech pathologist or by contacting Karen Trengove (Director Learn2Communicate) directly on 0458 413051 or info@learn2communicate.com.au


What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can provide all people with disability with information and connections to services in their communities such as doctors, sporting clubs, support groups, libraries and schools, as well as information about what support is provided by each state and territory government. Find out more at: https://www.ndis.gov.au/

Am I eligible for NDIS

There is an online eligbility checklist to see if you or a family member qualify for NDIS support.  Find out more here: https://www.ndis.gov.au/applying-access-ndis/am-i-eligible

Can I use my NDIS funding to access Learn2Communicate Speech Pathology Services

Yes. Learn2Communicate Speech Pathology Services are recognised NDIS providers. Call us for a quote regarding our hourly rate for NDIS clients and to learn more about the process of accessing our services using your child’s NDIS funding package.


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