Identifying Speech and Language Difficulties: A Practical Guide for Early Childhood Educators

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This resource answers commonly asked questions about the development of communication skills in children aged 0-6 years and includes easy to use screening tools and checklists for Early Childhood Educators including the Learn2Communicate Preschool Screener.

A complete guide to assist Early Childhood Educators identify, refer and support children with communication difficulties that has been developed following extensive consultation with Australian Early Childhood Educators.

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This practical guide has been developed to provide Early Childhood Educators with the knowledge and tools needed to accurately identify children with communication difficulties. The role of the Early Childhood Educator, Parent and Speech Pathologist is clearly outlined and a model for building effective partnerships is proposed to nurture the speech and language development of all children. The practical guide aligns closely with the Australian Early Years Learning Framework and supports Early Childhood Educators to develop quality early childhood programmes.

The practical guide is an essential part of any Early Childhood Centre’s reference library because it:

  • Is extremely user friendly with speech and language development explained in simple terms for Early Childhood Educators and Parents
  • Reflects current research in speech and language development and trans-disciplinary practice
  • Provides a simple step by step process for Early Childhood Educators to use when concerned about a child’s speech and language development
  • Provides a variety of tools to screen the speech and language development of all children
  • Enables Early Childhood Educators to feel confident and competent when communicating with Parents and Speech Pathologists about such concerns
  • Is easily incorporated into the daily routines and activities within an Early Childhood Centre

Information is clearly presented and covers the following topics:

  • Speech Development and Disorders
  • Receptive Language Development and Disorders
  • Expressive Language Development and Disorders
  • Stuttering
  • Hearing and Glue Ear
  • Bilingual Language Learners
  • How to Screen Speech and Language Development
  • How to work Collaboratively with Speech Pathologists and Parents
  • How and When to Refer to Speech Pathologists
  • Other useful resources and websites

Publication Details

Author: Karen Trengove
Publisher: Learn2Communicate
Format: Paperback 76 pages
Published: February 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9871766-0-8


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