10 Tips for Talking: Poster Series


Use this series of 10 posters for display in Early Childhood Settings or in your own home to help boost the language skills of your toddler.  It equips Parents and Early Childhood Educators with simple strategies to use in everyday activities and play with children aged 0-6 years and can be easily incorporated into Professional Development plans for Early Childhood Settings.

The poster series helps to develop a language enriched environment for your Early Childhood Setting

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Product Description

This series of ten  posters has been developed to provide Parents and Early Childhood Educators with a simple, fun way of developing effective language facilitation techniques. Each poster provides an easy to use technique, idea or strategy that can be incorporated into everyday interactions with all children. All posters provide fun ideas that have been specifically selected because of their ability to stimulate the development of effective speech and language skills. Use of the posters provides Early Childhood Educators with on site professional development in the area of child language development and assists in developing a quality early childhood programme within each Centre.


Multisensory, play based activities are presented in lesson plans which are easily incorporated into early childhood settings. All activities focus on developing the key phonological awareness skills that relate to early literacy development and ensure that all children become ready to read.

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