Do you know any late talkers?  We define late talkers as toddlers (2 – 3 years olds) who are yet to start stringing words together into short phrases.  This series of bright, fun posters has been developed to provide Parents and Early Childhood Educators with a simple, fun way of developing effective language facilitation techniques. Each poster provides an easy to use technique, idea or strategy that can be incorporated into everyday interactions and play with young children.  We have tried and tested each of the strategies in over 20 years of working with children.  These are our favourite ‘go to’ techniques that really do help to boost the communication skills of even the most reticent young communicators.   These posters can form the basis of a professional development project for early childhood educators within a childcare centre.  Alternatively, they are just as useful for parents who want to help their toddlers learn to communicate.


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The 10 Tips for Talking posters are an essential part of any Early Childhood Centre’s reference library because they:

  • Develop skills in language facilitation for all Early Childhood Educators and Parents
  • Support and nurture the development of communication for all children in a play based, child focused manner
  • Assist Early Childhood Educators to learn from each other by implementing, evaluating and reflecting upon the benefits of each new strategy used in the Centre
  • Provide Directors with a cost effective and easy to use Professional Development opportunity for staff
  • Are closely aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework and support the development of quality educational programmes for all children
  • Include ideas for interaction that can be adapted for individual, small group or whole class application
  • Reflect current research in speech development and disorders

The posters are brightly coloured with fun illustrations and clear information that can be used in the following ways:

  • One poster can be introduced each week across 10 weeks or at a pace that suits the needs of individual Centres
  • Parents can also choose to implement one strategy / week to stimulate early speech and language development for their toddlers
  • The introduction of posters may be followed by group discussions amongst Early Childhood Educators and reflective learning opportunities
  • Specific posters may be selected to assist children identified as experiencing difficulty with speech and language development
  • Posters may be used to educate and support parents in nurturing the speech and language development of their children
  • The posters may be displayed in different sections of the Early Childhood Centre to encourage Educators to use the proposed strategy in a variety of contexts and activities

Publication Details

Author: Karen Trengove
Publisher: Learn2Communicate
Format: 10 A3 posters
Published: February 2012
Cost: Free Digital Download

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