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Tiny Talkers – 6 weeks to get your toddler talking!


Join us for 6 weeks online course with Karen Trengove (Speech Pathologist) “The ability to communicate effectively is the most important skill we will develop in a life time. Communication enables our true participation in society and is what connects us to others.” Enrol in our Tiny Talkers course to equip yourself with the specific skills needed to confidently develop your child’s speech, language and communication skills. 6 weeks is all it takes…. You will learn how to meet your toddler where he or she is ‘at’ and feel confident in understanding how to nurture specific areas of your child’s speech, language and communication development. Do you think your toddler (18 months – 3 year old) might be a little late to start talking? Do you have some niggling doubts about your little one’s development? Are you a parent or carer who really wants the best for their child but is feeling overwhelmed by not knowing where to start? Perhaps you have already tried ‘Dr Google’ and have only ended up feeling more confused and worried? Is your child sitting on a speech pathology waiting list and may be for some time? Yes….this sounds like me. Enrol me now!   […]


Late Talkers Parent Programme


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